Job-change tracking solution

Turn job changes into pipeline and revenue

Surface job changes and automate outreach so reps can see when champions change positions and reach out to high-propensity prospects at the right time to hit their pipeline and revenue targets, fast.

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Your next best customer already knows you

Former champions who’ve changed jobs are 3x more likely to become customers than cold prospects. What’s wild is that 20% of your CRM is made up of these job changers in any given year. Not seeing these stats translate into pipeline and revenue?

We're here to change that.

See former customers and power users who have moved jobs

Break in and win net-new logos with ease

Track, trigger, and action prospect- and account-level plays when former power users, champions, economic buyers, and brand advocates start a new job in any of your target accounts.

New executives spend 70% of their budget within the first three months of starting a new job.

Boost win rates

Boost win rates and unblock deals by getting multi-threaded

Stay alerted when former power users, champions, economic buyers, and brand advocates join an account where you’ve got an open opportunity or where you’re stalled and looking for another pathway into the account.

Multi-threading can increase pipe-to-close conversion rates by 5x.

Find the right accounts to work

Right account, right time, right approach

Help reps go after the right accounts at the right time by adding account-level job-change signals to your account prioritization matrix. Further augment account prioritization with high-intent social, product usage, and digital engagement signals.

In a typical tool evaluation, reps are left out of 95% of the customer journey.

Actionable sales direction

Clean and actionable data on autopilot

Save your reps hours of “record update” time each week and rest easy knowing that job-change signals are automatically synced to your CRM records—no manual updates required—and made actionable within the sales automation tools your reps already use.

Reps spend upward of 72% of their time on non-selling activities.

To job-change tracking...and beyond

Unlike other tools, Common Room can:

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Expand the total pool of relevant job changes you can track by pulling in champion and advocacy data that sits outside your CRM—product usage, social appreciation, community conversations, developer engagement, and more.

questions and answers

Show reps where they should engage each tracked job-change prospect based on the prospect’s channel-specific engagement patterns.

Combine job-tracking data with other useful signals from across the modern buyer journey—product usage, community engagement, social interactions, and more—to give reps the holistic context they need to prioritize accounts and prospects, inform outreach, and hit targets.


What our customers have to say

"Common Room gives our go-to-market team members daily feeds of users showing intent across multiple channels—all in one place. Over 50% of our meetings come from Common Room."

  • Tim Hughes

    Tim Hughes

    VP of Sales

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"Common Room has consolidated our prospecting stack and streamlined our sales prospecting motion. What once took hours and multiple tools to gather—product usage, job changes, social interactions—is now immediately available. Most importantly, it's helping us generate more pipeline!"

  • Pratyusha Ram

    Pratyusha Ram

    GTM Systems

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"Common Room made the operationalization process easy and within a few days we were off to the races. Our sales team has realized real results with meetings booked."

  • Aisha Nins

    Aisha Nins

    GTM Program Manager

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