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Go beyond product-led sales: introducing a better way to do data-driven sales
Nov 1st, 2023

Go beyond product-led sales: introducing a better way to do data-driven sales

The buying journey has changed. Sales teams have to change with it.

The most impactful buying signals—the ones that reveal who your buyers are, what they’re saying and doing, and how best to reach them—no longer live in your CRM. They’re scattered across hard-to-see customer touchpoints.

Product usage data is a piece of the puzzle, but it’s only part of the equation—one that too many companies struggle to get into sellers’ hands.

Most go-to-market teams aspire to be data-driven. But sellers need to sell, not jump tab to tab across tools that weren’t designed for them.

That’s why we’re thrilled to announce a new AI-powered solution built to help sales teams do what they do best: Book more meetings and close more deals—fast.

Lost productivity is lost revenue

The buying signals your sales team needs—comments from economic buyers on LinkedIn, pull requests from enterprise orgs in your GitHub repo, questions from target accounts in Slack, spikes in product usage from free-trial sign-ups, job changes among power users—are spread across dozens of data sources.

It’s a fire hose of information that’s difficult to track or make sense of.

The average sales rep now uses 10 tools to close a deal and spends 72% of their week on non-selling activities.

Your best reps spend time they don’t have sifting through digital activity (and opening tab after tab) just to research one account. They’re switching back and forth between tools that weren’t designed for the way they work instead of generating pipeline and delivering value to prospects.

The rest of the sales org settles for the status quo: Source leads from weak intent signals, add them to generic email sequences, fill in a few personalization tokens, repeat.

Reps stay blind to the high-intent buyers raising their hands in the dark and try to outbound prospects with me-first messaging that falls flat.

The result is missed revenue opportunities, low conversion rates, and sluggish sales cycles.

Image of identity resolution and enrichment

Technical teams have no shortage of tools designed to help them work smarter, faster, and easier. We believe sales teams should have the same superpowers at their fingertips.

Not just product usage data, but every meaningful interaction—across every customer touchpoint—served up in a single platform.

Not just vague intent signals, but signals from real people, who work at real organizations, and the real context behind what drives their purchase decisions.

And not just a jumble of puzzle pieces reps have to put together themselves, but AI-surfaced insights, intuitive automations, and easy-to-execute workflows.

It used to be impossible to give sales teams full visibility into the customer journey—and the ability to act on it—in a scalable, user-friendly way.

Not anymore.

Image of data in Common Room

Make every rep a top performer

Common Room collects the data your sales team needs—every interaction, everywhere that matters—and automatically uncovers the real people and real organizations behind it.

This gives sales teams a people-first view that rolls up to the accounts they care about.

And that’s just the start.

Refresh your lead lists with real intent every day

Imagine the world's most powerful intent platform, but with buyer identity at its core and the user interface of your favorite sales tool. Now stop imagining.

Common Room centralizes, deanonymizes, and enriches all your digital interaction, product, and CRM data using AI to create a unified profile for each and every prospect.

Image of identity resolution and enrichment

See cross-channel engagement, product usage, work history, buying power, contact information, and much more—refreshed in real time and all in one location.

Sellers don’t just get access to unique buying signals they can’t get anywhere else, they get visibility into every person, organization, and activity—presented the way it appears in the real world, not the way it looks in your database.

Common Room then uses proprietary lead and account scoring algorithms to spotlight which leads are most likely to convert. Even better, we tell you why leads get scored the way they do based on behind-the-scenes activities and contextual data.

Image of lead scoring

See which opportunities to prioritize, whether it’s based on a surge in product activity, a recent job change, or some other combination of factors.

Sellers don’t just spot the signal from the noise—they’re shown which signals to pay attention to.

No more searching the internet to connect actions to identities. No more missing out on hidden gems in your pipeline.

Give sales teams all contact- and account-level insights in one place to get into more deals.

Reach the right people with the right context

Sales teams shouldn’t have to fish around to qualify leads. Now they don’t have to.

Common Room offers out-of-the box filters and tags that let you drill down into prospects across any firmographic dimension with the click of a button.

Image of filters and tags

Filter leads for product and customer fit based on tech stack, economic buying power, and other key attributes or automatically tag and surface product-qualified leads, ideal personas, and more based on cross-channel behaviors and profile characteristics.

Sellers don’t just see intent—they see which high-intent buyers are also high-fit.

No more stitching together siloed data points. No more wasting time on tire kickers.

Help sales teams hone in on the biggest and best opportunities to speed up deal velocity.

Run every sales play from one place

Training new reps to work like your top performers used to be painstaking and slow. Now you can do it with the flip of a switch.

Common Room gives every rep a customizable command center to execute on repeatable recipes or get creative with rapid experimentation.

Image of task lists

Make high-intent leads the first thing sales reps see when they log in. Automatically segment contacts and accounts to create prioritized burn-down lists that mirror top-performers’ workflows. Meet buyers where they are with access to Slack DMs and social profiles. And add contacts to bespoke Outreach sequences or sync records with Salesforce—all without logging in and out of another software.

Sellers don’t just get a workbench—they get a base of operations that helps them work better.

Image of Salesforce sync

That includes automated alerts that make it easy to stay up to date and ready to act in real time.

Image of team alert

Create real-time alerts based on individual buyers, organizations, and behaviors. Trigger notifications about the deals that matter most and get them delivered to reps directly where they work.

Sellers don’t just see buyer activity—they know exactly when and where to act on it.

No more jumping back and forth between tools. No more manual, multi-step processes.

Let sales teams turn day-to-day work into day-to-day wins—minus the context switching.

Reps don’t need to see people who are active in your product. They need to see real buyers and understand where they are on the path to purchase.

They don’t need more confusing data points. They need insights they can instantly turn into actions.

And they don’t need yet another tool to learn and forget. They need a solution that’s built for the way they actually work.

Say hello to your sales team’s new best friend.

Common Room tells you who your buyers are, what they’re saying and doing, and how to act on it.

Your data—and the people behind it—transformed by the magic of AI.

💡 If you're an existing Common Room customer, please reach out to your customer success manager to get set up.

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