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Blog title card with title: "150M job listings and 8M news signals at your fingertips (and refreshed daily)"
May 9th, 2024

150M job listings and 8M news signals at your fingertips (and refreshed daily)

  • More than 8 million news articles and 150 million job listings from over 40 million companies worldwide refreshed daily are now available in full text and fully filterable out of the box for every Common Room plan.
  • Build custom segments of accounts who mention specific keywords in job listings or news articles.
  • Create target account lists for reps to burn down using news and hiring filters.
  • Trigger automated outbound sequences when ICP-fit companies announce funding, hire for roles, or publicly mention a problem you can solve.
  • Search full text of news items and job descriptions to pinpoint buyer needs and strategic priorities.
  • Use context to prioritize accounts, time outreach, and tailor messaging more effectively.

There’s a massive gap in account-level intent data: explicit context.

More specifically, most account-level intent data is vague, hard to action, and ineffective. It lacks the explicit and actionable signals that reps need to reach the right person at the right account with the right message at the right time.

The result?

Far too many go-to-market teams settle for poor targeting, ineffective outreach, and, ultimately, lackluster results.

But it shouldn’t be that way.

Organizations big and small reveal their needs and priorities through interviews, earnings calls, fundraising announcements, job descriptions, hiring trends, and other news- and hiring-related signals.

These account-level signals all show explicit and traceable intent that’s highly actionable.

That's why we’ve added 150 million job listings signals (think open roles or skills and technologies listed in job reqs) and 8 million news signals (think fundraising events, 10-Ks, strategic hires, and lots more) spanning 40 million companies around the world.

All now accessible, filterable, and refreshed daily for every Common Room plan.

Use these new account intelligence signals to get to the truth about what’s important to high-fit accounts right now, no matter their size.

For example, news and hiring signals hold clues about:

  • Desired skills (e.g., a job description that mentions “LLM prompt writing”)
  • Important tech (e.g., looking for experience implementing a “work management tool”)
  • Strategic priorities (e.g., an interview that mentions “digital transformation”)
  • Urgent needs (e.g., a news feature about a recent security breach)
  • Financial health (e.g., an announcement about raising a series B)
  • Market challenges (e.g., hiring a founding enterprise AE)

And that’s only a small sampling of the digital breadcrumbs you can use to infer intent.

To run GTM intelligently, your team should have access to all these signals and more.

Now you can better understand company priorities, needs, and intent—and turn those signals into automated GTM plays—all from an organization’s profile in Common Room.

Create target burndown lists that auto-replenish daily

Like with all signals in Common Room, you can use news and hiring signals to create custom segments that automatically update when a new contact or organization meets your specified criteria.

For example, say you’re a company that helps engineers scale product development.

You could create a custom segment of organizations that fit your ideal customer profile and are hiring full-stack engineers who specialize in Rust.

Now your reps will have an always-updated list of high-fit companies (and the people within those companies) to explore, prioritize, and add to automated outbound sequences.

screenshot of job listing segment in Common Room

Automate GTM plays and workflows using hiring and news signals

Use news and hiring signals to automate GTM plays and workflows.

Our workflows give GTM teams the flexibility needed to automate outreach, alert reps in real time, and sync data seamlessly back to their CRMs, among other use cases.

For example, deliver the right message at the right time by automating Outreach, Apollo, Salesloft, or Gong Engage outbound sequences when someone moves into a saved segment triggered by news or hiring signals.

💡 Bonus: In addition to keyword searches, you can filter job listings and news by category, publishing date, seniority (job listings) and status (job listings). You can even save filters for future prospecting.

Automate Slack or email alerts to certain reps or AEs when new organizations get added to segments based on news and hiring signals.

Or automatically add contextual tags to organizations when they meet certain criteria. For example, tag organizations within specified territories with reps’ names so each rep knows who to build their book of business around (and who not to).

screenshot of automated workflow builder in Common Room

Stack news and hiring signals for more effective GTM

Sure, organizations project priorities through news and hiring signals. But those aren’t the only signals you need to go to market intelligently.

Do those organizations fit your ICP?

Have any of their employees used your product before?

Is their tech stack compatible with your product?

Bottom line: While these account-level signals leave clues about what matters most to an organization right now, it’s not until you stack those with person-level signals that you can identify fit, pinpoint economic buyers, and run an efficient and effective GTM strategy.

Common Room does just that.

Capture and unify hundreds of other signals, like product usage, website behavior, CRM activity, Linkedin engagement, job changes, open-source contributions, and hundreds more.

Stack signals at the account and person level to get the full picture into any account and empower your GTM team to operate at a higher, more intelligent level.

screenshot of organization view with signal filters in common room

Find high-fit, high-intent accounts with a keyword search

If you’ve ever combed through Google searches or  job listings to find relevant company context to inform your targeting, you know how hard (and tedious) it is to separate signal from noise.

Not anymore.

Now you can search millions of current news items and recent job listings to identify strategic priorities, hiring needs, and plans for growth with a simple (and savable) keyword search—all in a matter of minutes.

screenshot of keyword filtering in common room

For example, say you’re Cyberdyne Systems, an AI company building a foundational model.

Search open job listings with “AI prompter” in the description to find high-fit accounts who have a need you can solve.

Or say you’re Initech, an electronics parts and repair company that wants to land more deals with mom-and-pop shops looking to digitize.

Look for job listings with “digital transformation” in the title or description to discover accounts you may have missed.

Or say you’re Tyrell Corporation, a data privacy software that helps companies prevent cybersecurity attacks.

Search recent news articles for companies who suffered a “data breach” so you can swoop in and save the day.

“Common Room is already our command center for generating and centralizing signals across digital channels. We’re excited to expand even further by pulling in hard-to-see third-party signals like company news and job listings, not to mention the ability to surface new economic buyers who aren't yet engaging with us in target accounts via Prospector.”

  • Aisha Nins

    Aisha Nins

    GTM Program Manager

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💡 Bonus: In addition to keyword searches, you can filter job listings and news by category, publishing date, seniority (job listings) and status (job listings). You can even save filters for future prospecting.

Drill down into full job descriptions and news articles without ever leaving Common Room

Common Room stores full news articles and job descriptions inside every organization’s profile.

Just click to drill down into articles and job listings to verify the full context behind the signal and know what matters most to your target buyers without ever leaving Common Room.

Whether you’re looking for account-level signals in the form of funding rounds, recent acquisitions, GTM hires, office expansions, law suits, technology adoption, or anything else that comes to mind, we’ve got the signals that show when a target account is in-market.

screenshot of news article and job listings pop out in common room

For example, say you offer a marketing technology that integrates with Clearbit, Demandbase, and Marketo (how enterprise of you!).

Search for job listings that include the keywords “Clearbit,” “Demandbase,” and “Marketo” to find companies currently using or looking for practitioners who use those products. Then drill down into the individual job descriptions to validate results, understand objectives, and gather contextual clues to inform your outreach.

In the example below, you can see that this company wants to hire a marketing operations manager with expertise in all three tools mentioned above. Great sign.

But you can also see that they want their new marketing ops expert to develop a framework for A/B testing different parts of the customer journey, including the website, nurture flows, and email.

If you’re the rep reaching out, you can use this context to frame your competitive offer around a specific problem you know they need help solving.

screenshot of full job description in common room

Identify decision-makers within the account using Person360™ and Prospector

So you’ve identified organizations that have needs you can satisfy based on recent news and hiring signals.

Now what?

How do you find decision-makers (and their contact information) so you can act on your newly found intelligence?

Two ways.

First, Common Room’s Person360 automatically captures, aggregates, enriches, and deanonymizes buyer signals from over 30 channels and links them to a single identity using a proprietary, AI-powered identity resolution model.

In GTM speak: Not only can we identify high-fit organizations using news and hiring signals, we can also identify the decision-makers within those organizations, their past experience with your product, team, or brand, and the contact information you need to reach them.

image of person360

Secondly, Prospector.

If an organization has decision-makers that aren’t recorded in Common Room or your CRM just yet, you can add those contacts using Prospector, our proprietary database of more than 200 million B2B contacts.

image of prospector in common room

Shine a light on what matters most to your buyers

What better way to pinpoint an organization’s priorities, needs, and intent than by hearing them declare it in their own words?

There isn't any.

With third-party account intelligence signals, now you can fill the gap left by traditional org-level intent data with much-needed context about what matters most to your buyers.

More signals. More context. More intelligent go-to-market.

Unlock the power of news and hiring signals with Common Room

Get started for free or get in touch to see how Common Room can help you identify priorities, needs, and intent using news and hiring signals.