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Feb 26th, 2024

Put your GTM plays on autopilot with intelligent automations

In today's dynamic digital landscape, every customer journey is unique.

Buyers and customers engage across multiple channels at different stages of their journey. Whether they’re a new buyer exploring your offerings or an existing customer seeking support, the roles of go-to-market teams—spanning sales, marketing, customer success, community, and developer relations—are crucial in shaping these journeys.

To win over customers and grow the business, GTM teams must deliver timely and relevant engagement at the right stage of the modern customer journey. And in the era of AI and automation, leveraging intelligence to identify the right person for outreach and add them to a winning play is the standard.

That’s exactly why we built our custom workflows—so GTM teams can rest assured that their systems are detecting modern buying signals and executing on all of their winning plays.

Power impactful plays with modern signals

Common Room empowers your teams to tap into the complexities of the modern customer journey and operationalize modern GTM plays. We do this by unifying and deanonymizing digital and product engagement signals across dozens of channels, including product, social, community, CRM, and more–all tied to a real person.

We started by helping community teams jump-start their community plays with prebuilt, templated workflows created to help them engage and grow their communities via new member onboarding workflows, re-engagement workflows, and dozens more.

With custom workflows, anyone on your GTM team can now automatically deliver proven plays to the right people at the right time, ultimately driving better engagement and informed decision-making.

So whether you're looking to craft personalized sales and marketing outreach or swiftly address support issues, custom workflows are designed to help GTM teams streamline their processes for improved efficiency and growth.

Let's dive deeper into what custom workflows can offer your GTM team:

Automate proven sales plays

For modern sellers, it's all about engaging with the right person at the right time with the right context. Sales teams can achieve this with custom workflows that tap into modern buying signals, such as product usage, job changes, and social engagements, to name a few.

Our custom workflow automations empower sales teams to streamline proven outreach, notify relevant teams, and sync data seamlessly back to the CRM, among other use cases. The best part? You don't need to be a tech expert to set it up.

Thanks to out-of-the-box integrations with sales engagement platforms like Outreach and Apollo, reps can automatically add prospects to sequences with messages that have proven to be effective based on specific buyer signals. This not only drives efficiency but also increases the chances of conversion.

Image of sales workflow

Some examples of custom workflows that sales teams can set up using modern buying signals include:

  • Product usage milestone sales outreach workflow
  • Community engagement sales outreach workflow
  • New job change sales outreach workflow

Deliver targeted marketing campaigns

Marketing teams face a challenging task: engaging the right buyers and customers at the perfect moment in their journey, all while avoiding spamming them at the wrong time.

The goal is to develop more targeted, relevant campaigns.

Unfortunately, current intent solutions fall short by providing only account-level insights without the crucial person-level data needed for precise campaign targeting.

With Common Room’s custom workflows, marketing teams can now harness modern customer signals and demographics, like product usage, community engagement, social trending topics, engaged economic buyers, and more to build more relevant and timely campaigns.

They can automatically sync people that perform certain actions directly into their campaign lists. For example, when members perform a certain action, like visit your pricing page, sign up for a free trial, or join your community, marketers can sync their info to a CRM or marketing automation platform using a webhook workflow automation.

Marketing teams can tap into modern buying signals from product, community, social, and beyond to create more targeted campaign segments that precisely resonate with specific personas. A refined target list contributes to improved campaign efficiency and higher campaign conversion rates.

Image of marketing workflow

Some examples of custom workflows that marketing teams can set up using modern buying signals include:

  • Product usage milestone to webhook to CRM or marketing automation platform
  • New community member to webhook to CRM or marketing automation platform
  • New pricing page visit to webhook to CRM or marketing automation platform

Nurture and grow your community

Customers and buyers are constantly in search of genuine connections with experts within your user community. But the task of growing your community can be challenging, especially when faced with limited resources.

We’ve simplified the process with custom workflow automations built for community and DevRel to harness the power of community or social engagement signals and make it easier for these teams to nurture and expand their communities with confidence.

Leverage deanonymized signals from dozens of channels—including GitHub, Slack, Discord, LinkedIn, and many others—to spot low community engagement, support issues, trending topics, new members, product questions, and more. Teams can then use custom workflows to automate processes like mass communication, team alerting, or syncing data back to a CRM.

With our out-of-the-box integrations with Slack, Discord, Outreach, Salesforce, and more, community and DevRel teams can easily set up automated plays to communicate with their members in a timely manner and ensure a seamless brand experience. Automate proven plays like onboarding, handling support requests, sharing trending topics, and addressing frequently asked questions.

Image of community workflow

Some examples of workflows that community and DevRel teams can set up include:

  • New member onboarding workflow
  • New trending topic communications workflow
  • Frequently asked question auto-response workflow

Empower anyone to build workflows

Creating custom workflows is a breeze. You can start from scratch for any condition or action using any combination of available filters and segments, giving you the tools to orchestrate the customer journey just the way you want it. Trigger workflows for actions like new member sign-ups, new engagements, product usage, and more.

In just a few clicks, any member of the GTM team can automate workflows for any use case across sales prospecting, marketing campaigns, community onboarding, and more to enhance your GTM efficiencies and playbook success.

Image of filters

Anyone on your GTM team can create custom workflow automations based on predefined actions to efficiently guide customers and prospects along their journey.

Custom workflows are a part of Common Room’s team and enterprise plans. If you’d like to learn more, please contact or check out our docs.

Scale your GTM plays automatically with Common Room

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