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Blog title card with title: "Salesloft's AI-powered revenue orchestration meets Common Room's AI-powered customer intelligence"
May 21st, 2024

Salesloft’s AI-powered revenue orchestration meets Common Room’s AI-powered customer intelligence

  • Common Room now integrates directly with the Salesloft revenue orchestration platform.
  • Build Salesloft cadences that convert using AI-enriched buying signals from across 50-plus channels, including product, website, CRM, social, community, open-source, and beyond.
  • Add prospects to personalized outbound cadences with the click of a button to go from signal to action lightning-fast.
  • Automate outbound from end-to-end with repeatable, fully customizable workflows.

Your prospects’ inboxes are inundated with outbound.

No joke—it’s estimated that more than 361 billion emails are sent and received every day. You can bet sales reps hungry to hit their quotas account for their fair share.

The upshot? Most buyers are avoiding reps like the plague and email service providers are cracking down on spammy outreach.

In other words: It’s never been more important to reach the right person with the right message at the right time.

That’s why we’re excited to announce our new integration and partnership with Salesloft.

Salesloft is an AI-powered revenue orchestration platform designed to help go-to-market teams drive results, from first hello to latest renewal.

Common Room is an AI-powered customer intelligence platform built to help GTM teams auto-collect and unify every buying signal, connect them to a real person and account, and action on them fast with intelligent automations.

Together they give GTM teams superpowers to hone in on high-intent, high-fit buyers, craft compelling messaging based on full buyer context, and take action on buying signals in the blink of an eye.

Fuel automated outbound with unmatched person-level context

Common Room automatically captures and unifies every buying signal across every touchpoint of the modern customer journey.

Product usage. Pricing page visits. CRM updates. LinkedIn and Twitter engagements. Slack messages. GitHub pull requests. Job changes. News announcements. Hiring trends.

You name it—our AI-powered platform plucks it from the digital ether and puts it all in one place.

Visual of Person360

But that’s just the beginning.

Our identity resolution and enrichment engine—Person360™—connects each and every signal to a real person and real account in a single, unified profile.

Job title, work history, contact information, recent cross-channel activities, and so much more are revealed with the wave of our AI wand.


Buyer from a target account not active in your digital ecosystem? No problem. Our Prospector feature pulls from a proprietary, constantly refreshed database of more than 200 million B2B contacts to help you surface economic buyers at target accounts even if they’re not currently engaging with you or tracked in your CRM.

Not only can you add these individuals to Salesloft as prospects, you can push this granular, person-level context straight to your CRM to flesh out profiles for new and existing contacts.

Scale winning plays that turn every rep into a pipegen superstar

Common Room makes it easy to turn the tactics that convert into repeatable plays.

Filter contacts and organizations based on any combo of actions and attributes, automatically add them to dynamic burndown lists built for different plays, and templatize these buyer segments across your team.

You can get as granular as you want using hundreds of demographic, firmographic, and behavior-based signals, from title and team to industry and organization size to product log-ins and LinkedIn reactions to…well, you get the idea.

We also help you auto-surface the prospects you care about—economic buyers, product-qualified leads, ideal personas, and more—using fully customizable tags.

Want a list of former product users who changed jobs in the last 6 months? Bam, it’s yours.

Want a list of non-customers who landed on your pricing page and liked your latest LinkedIn post? Step right up.

Want a list of high-fit orgs who currently use a tool you can rip and replace? The world’s your oyster.

CRM sync

Dig up some info not currently recorded in your CRM? We’ve got you covered. You can sync all the details uncovered in Common Room with both Salesforce and HubSpot using our bidirectional integrations—no manual updating required.

And once you’ve got your list of likely prospects, you can send them straight to a personalized Salesloft cadence in the time it takes you to double-click your mouse. No need to toggle between multiple tools.

Seeing solid results? Make a copy of your segment, share it with the SDRs and BDRs on your team, and customize it based on their books of business in Salesforce.

Double prospecting productivity (and efficacy) with half the effort

Common Room lets you automate high-confidence plays end to end—from signal capture to Salesloft cadence—with zero manual labor.

Screenshot of building an automated workflow to salesloft

Simply program your plays in our easy-to-use (and fully customizable) workflow builder:

  • Choose which behaviors and characteristics should trigger a workflow
  • Select which Salesloft cadence that person should be added to
  • Configure which Salesloft user the message should come from
Team alerts

Not quite ready to give up the prospecting reins just yet? No worries. Our real-time alerts make sure you’re always the first to know about any buyer activity you want to know about so you can step in and take action when and where it suits you.

Forget the tab hopping and context switching.

With the ability to instantly uncover and action on buyer activity, reps can put the best prospecting plays on autopilot.

Today’s buyers are swimming in cold outreach.

Warm up your messaging using every available signal, zero in on the person and account behind it, and reach out at just the right time—all without switching screens.

Our new Salesloft integration makes it easier than ever to hit the bullseye (and your numbers) using the full power of customer intelligence.

Unlock the power of Salesloft with Common Room

Get started for free or get in touch to see how Common Room’s Salesloft integration helps you reach the right person with the right message at the right time.