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Potential buyers engage with your organization’s content every day.

But with buyer activity spread across so many channels—and person-level insights often hidden from view—it’s difficult to keep up and separate the real opportunities from the also-rans 🕵️

In this playbook, we’ll show you how to zero in on social content engagement from the buyers you care about, get the full picture of recent buyer activity, and reach out with confidence.

What you’ll need:

🧰 Common Room
This is how we’ll discover, deanonymize, and explore buyer activity. Sign up for free to follow along.
We’ll use Salesforce in this example. Check out our full interactive guide for step-by-step directions on how to map your Salesforce data to Common Room and see our integration docs for other CRM options.
🧰 Digital channels
We’ll use LinkedIn and X (formerly Twitter) in this example. Check out our integrations docs for step-by-step directions on how to connect any channel to Common Room.

Step 1: Create segment

Let’s say we’re looking for a way to get a conversation started with an economic buyer at one of our owned accounts.

We’d log in to Common Room and go to Segments.

Select Segments
🔦 Product spotlight: Segments
Common Room’s segments feature allows you to automatically add individuals or organizations to dedicated lists based on customizable criteria. This makes it easy to quickly surface, monitor, and engage specific people and companies at scale.

If the segment doesn’t already exist, we’d click New segment and create one for accounts that are owned by us in Salesforce.

Select Create new segment for organizations

All we have to do is set the criteria for who gets added to this segment by filtering for the appropriate Salesforce field.

Select Salesforce field
🔦 Product spotlight: Filters
Common Room’s filters feature allows you to highlight individuals and organizations based on any combination of factors. This makes it easy to surface specific people and companies based on firmographic details, cross-channel activities, product usage, and more.

Once that’s done, any organization that is active across our digital channels and related to an account owned by us in Salesforce will automatically be added to this segment 🙌

Step 2: Filter segment activity

Now that our segment is up and running, we’d click on Activity at the top of the screen.

Select Activity

This will reveal all the activity of people associated with our owned accounts across every channel connected to Common Room.

We share a lot of content on LinkedIn and X, so let’s focus on those sources.

Select sources

We can see which content people reacted to, commented on, shared, and more. We can also click into individuals to learn more about them and their recent cross-channel activities.

View Person360 profile

But we want to hone in on economic buyers at certain accounts.

First we’ll filter for them using our Contact tags filter.

Select Economic buyers
🔦 Product spotlight: Tags
Common Room’s tags feature allows you to automatically label individuals and organizations with specific tags based on customizable criteria. This makes it easy to quickly filter for economic buyers, ideal personas, product-qualified leads, and more.

Then we’ll apply our Name filter to focus on a specific organization.

Select Name

Voilà—we now have a view of the economic buyers at our target account who recently interacted with our content 🪄

Step 3: Personalize outreach

Now that we know how to surface economic buyers at our owned accounts, let’s personalize our pitch.

We can craft messages based on the content people engaged with and pull in other relevant details related to their roles, organizations, and recent activities.

It might look something like this:

✍️ Outbound template based on recent content engagement

Hi [first name],

I saw that you liked our recent product announcement on LinkedIn. We designed this update to help organizations like [company name] [benefit that product unlocks].

If you’re thinking about updating your stack, or just want to learn more about our new functionalities, I’d be happy to chat.

[Your name]

Based on where our buyers are most active, we can determine the best place to reach out, be it LinkedIn, Slack, or email—and do it directly from Common Room.

Select Add to sequence
🔦 Product spotlight: Sales engagement platform integrations
Common Room’s integrations with sales engagement platforms—including Outreach and Apollo—allow you to add individuals to personalized email sequences from within Common Room. This makes it easy to engage buyers without switching tools.

If we spot any information in Common Room that’s not currently included in Salesforce, we can also sync buyer records with our CRM with the click of a button 🧹

Wrapping up

Turning LinkedIn likes into meetings booked just got a whole lot easier 🎉

Now you can surface social content engagement from key accounts, get a bird’s eye view of them and their organizations across channels, and deliver tailored messaging—all from the same place.

Want to see a playbook on a different topic? Get in touch. And if you haven’t already, try Common Room for free.

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