X (Twitter) Integration Guide

Last updated Jul 2nd, 2024


This article provides detailed instructions for how to integrate X (Twitter) with Common Room. With this integration you can stay up to date on all X (Twitter) mentions, replies, retweets and follows for the handles that are important to you. Additionally, track mentions of the hashtags and keywords you care about.

Common Room's integration with X (Twitter) offers robust analytics and intelligent insights so you can scale and measure your impact. Once you’ve connected to X (Twitter), you can use Common Room’s intelligent features to unlock powerful insights and scale your impact.


  1. Select X (Twitter) from the list of signals.
  2. Connect X (Twitter): When you connect X (Twitter), Common Room will surface activity and insights across mentions, hashtags, and keywords.
  3. Add your community account. Click Authenticate an account, and on the next screen select Authorize app to allow Common Room access to your account.
  4. Specify hashtags and keywords: Enter in any hashtags or keywords you want to follow. You can additionally pull in retweets of activity that matches your selected accounts, hashtags, or keywords.
  5. Begin data import. Your data will begin importing, and may take up to a few hours, and we’ll email you when everything’s ready. In the meantime, you can take a peek into Common Room. The charts and functionality may be a little empty to start, but will populate as your data flows in.


The X (Twitter) integration with Common Room is available on Essentials, Team, and Enterprise plans, except for X (Twitter) followers. X (Twitter) followers is available by request for customers on the Team and Enterprise plans.

To configure Common Room’s X (Twitter) integration, you’ll need to have the login credentials for each of the X (Twitter) handles you want to track.

Technical Details

Our integration leverages X (Twitter)'s official API and adheres to its terms of service. We ask for read-only permissions and can't post tweets on your behalf. You can revoke Common Room’s access to your X (Twitter) data at any time.

Contacts and Activity

Contacts are created from users who have retweeted, replied, or used a matching hashtag or keyword. If you enable importing followers, all followers will become Contacts as well.

Common Room will create X (Twitter) Contacts and Activity for every X (Twitter) user who:

  • Mentions one of your configured handles
  • Replies to tweets from your company handle (if that account is used to connect with Common Room)
  • Replies to tweets from one of your configured handles
  • Retweets a tweet from one of your configured handles
  • Posts a tweet containing one of your configured hashtag or keywords

For customers that are importing X (Twitter) followers, all existing and new followers will be added to Common Room as a Contact.

Import History

For the X (Twitter) integration, Common Room will import the last 7 days of matching content. If you update the configuration, these changes are only forward looking. If you’d like to import more history than this, get in touch with our sales team.

Sync Frequency

For the X (Twitter) integration, Common Room will automatically import new Contacts and activity as they occur. When a relevant tweet is posted, Common Room will import it within a few minutes.


Can I add more than one of this signal to my room?

Yes, you can add multiple X (Twitter) accounts to your room by opening Settings, selecting X (Twitter), and clicking + Add another account .

What data can't be imported?

Common Room doesn't sync likes from tweets.

Can I track X (Twitter) activity without bringing in activity about my own account?

Yes. You can connect any X (Twitter) account to Common Room, and after making the initial connection, uncheck the box that says "Import mentions and replies related to your connected account". This will ensure that any tweets that mention your account won't be ingested into Common Room.

Will I be able to view Tweets that are larger than 280 characters?

No, X (Twitter) will truncate tweets that are larger than 280 characters within the platform.

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