Compliance or IT user identification

Why it matters

Compliance and IT professionals aren’t usually economic buyers. But they are the people responsible for giving a purchase decision the green light.

When the people who are tasked with making sure a technology meets security and cost benchmarks are active in your product (or open-source repository), it’s a sign that the buyer is serious.

What to do

Get in touch with the user—and any likely decision-makers at the organization—to answer any questions they may have. Odds are you’re being evaluated as part of a vendor selection process.

Enterprise orgs typically have a checklist of requirements for the tools they adopt. An email outlining how your product goes above and beyond in these areas can go a long way.

Questions to inform outreach
  • Who does the person report to at their organization?
  • What actions is the person taking in your product?
  • How is their organization’s tech stack configured?
  • Is anyone else from the person’s organization active in your product?
  • Is anyone at their organization interacting with your organization?
  • Does anyone at your organization have a relationship with anyone at their organization?

How to do it

Here’s an outbound template to help you get the creative juices flowing:

Outbound template for compliance or IT users

Hey [first name],

Since you're in [department name] at [company name], I wanted to get ahead of any roadblocks as your team evaluates [product name].

I’ve put together some materials to answer FAQs [attach materials to bottom of message].

Let me know if it would be helpful to chat through anything.

[Your name]

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