Merger or acquisition

Why it matters

When companies join forces (or get gobbled up), it means change one way or another. That goes double if one of those companies is a current customer of yours.

Integrating people, technologies, products, and more is a tall order. Maybe your product is just what the doctor ordered.

What to do

Get a grip on what the merger or acquisition means for the companies in question. Sometimes the result is a new logo slapped onto an existing product. Sometimes it’s a major overhaul of business operations.

Find a likely decision-maker and tweak your outbound accordingly.

Questions to inform outreach
  • How will this merger or acquisition impact the organizations?
  • Is either organization an existing customer?
  • Is either organization a good fit for your product?
  • Is anyone at either organization interacting with your organization?
  • Does anyone at your organization have a relationship with anyone at either organization?
  • What materials can you share to assist with research and decision-making?

How to do it

Here are some outbound templates to help you get the creative juices flowing:

Outbound template for customer merger or acquisition

Hi [first name] 👋

Saw the news about the [merger/acquisition]! Wanted to see if there’s anything the team at [product name] can do to help.

Here to assist with anything you need, like [seat expansion/account consolidation].

If you need anything, just hit reply and let me know :)

[Your name]

Outbound template for non-customer merger or acquisition

Hi [first name],

Saw the news! We’ve helped companies like [names of current customers in the same industry] work through [mergers/acquisitions] to [benefit that product unlocks].

I’d be happy to walk you through how we can help [company name] [ROI statistic]:

[drop in quote or customer story]

Let me know your thoughts.

[Your name]

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