Pricing page activity

Why it matters

Nothing says “I’m ready to buy” like a visit to your pricing page.

When people are actively comparing plans and calculating costs—whether they’re prospects or existing customers—it’s a very strong sign of intent. Now’s your chance to provide helpful context and inspire them to move from interest to action.

What to do

Share materials that will make it easier for the person to crunch numbers and compare plan features.

You don’t want to spook them by immediately reaching out and saying you saw them viewing a specific screen, but a well-timed email or DM that digs deeper into how your pricing works and which plans may make sense for their organization can go a long way toward helping them finalize a decision.

Questions to inform outreach
  • Is the person an existing customer?
  • If the person is a customer, what plan are they on?
  • What other pages is the person interacting with on your website or in your product?
  • Has the person interacted with your organization outside of your website or product?
  • Is the person in a role with budget authority?
  • What materials can you share to assist with research and decision-making?

How to do it

Here are some outbound templates to help you get the creative juices flowing:

Outbound template for customer pricing page activity

Hi [first name] 👋

Checking how your experience with [product name] is going?

We want to make sure you have everything you need to [benefit that product unlocks].

Here to help with anything you need, like plan selection or a walkthrough of features that would be best for your use case.

If you need anything, just hit reply and let me know :)

[Your name]

Outbound template for non-customer pricing page activity

Hi [first name] 👋

I work with [names of current customers in the same industry] to help them [benefit that product unlocks].

I’d be happy to walk you through how we can help [company name] [ROI statistic].

And if you want a deeper dive into the features and functionalities included in our plans, I put together some resources you may find useful [attach materials to bottom of message].

Let me know if you want to run through it.

[Your name]

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