Turn any LinkedIn post into warm prospects

Capture prospects who reacted to or commented on any post with our Chrome Extension for LinkedIn. Fill in the details with AI-powered waterfall enrichment and follow up with a personalized message—all in the same tab.

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Prospect from trending posts

Prospect from trending posts

Pull everyone engaging with any LinkedIn post—competitors, influencers, and beyond—into Common Room in seconds with our Chrome extension. Find a person of interest while prospecting? Add them directly from their LinkedIn profile page.

Prioritize outbound with stack-ranked lists

Reach out with relevance

Prioritize outbound with auto-replenishing plays that surface prospects who engage with relevant LinkedIn posts. All contacts are instantly enriched with AI-powered waterfall enrichment to identify and stack rank high-fit prospects with ease.

Enrich any LinkedIn profile on the go

See who’s behind reactions and replies

Fill in the blanks of any profile on LinkedIn with AI-powered waterfall enrichment. Get access to contact details like email addresses and phone numbers in an instant. And do it all in the same browser tab.

Take action on a browser tab

Take action without switching tabs

Make your next move right from a prospect’s LinkedIn profile page. Send them to your sequencing tool, sync their info with your CRM, or spin up an LLM-generated outbound snippet that’s trained on the context of a post—zero tab hopping required.

What our customers are saying

"Common Room gives our go-to-market team members daily feeds of users showing intent across multiple channels—all in one place. Over 50% of our meetings come from Common Room."

  • Tim Hughes

    Tim Hughes

    VP of Sales

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"Reaching the right stakeholders is critical to building a repeatable sales motion and increasing ACVs. Our teams had to jump back and forth between multiple tools to do that, and we were still missing key insights. With Common Room, we can identify the right stakeholders faster."

  • Nalin Vahil

    Nalin Vahil

    VP of Sales and Customer Success

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"Common Room made the operationalization process easy and within a few days we were off to the races. Our sales team has realized real results with meetings booked."

  • Aisha Nins

    Aisha Nins

    GTM Program Manager

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