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Blog title card with title: "Pricing for everyone: introducing simplified pricing for every go-to-market team"
Apr 23rd, 2024

Pricing for everyone: introducing simplified pricing for every go-to-market team

This isn’t a typical post for us.

It’s not about new features or functionalities—it’s about pricing.

To be frank, we’ve struggled with pricing in the past.

And we realized that the way we structured our plans was antithetical to our mission: To help every company run go-to-market intelligently.

That changes today.

We’re excited to introduce our Starter plan—a new offering that comes with everything an individual or early stage team needs to unlock intelligent GTM:

  • Out-of-the-box signals: Website activity, job changes, news, and hiring trends all come right out of the box. Plus you can connect to dozens of native signal integrations for free.
  • Person360: Identity resolution and waterfall enrichment are built in. So is scoring to prioritize contacts and accounts using every signal.
  • AI and automation: Create as many workflows for end-to-end signal-to-action automation as you like with no limits. That includes real-time alerts, audience segments, and lots more.

At the price of $7.5K per year (only limited by caps of 35K contacts, 240K website IP enrichments, and 2 seats), we feel that this package represents a ton of value you can’t find on any other platform.

But that’s not all. We’ve also simplified pricing for all plans across the board.

What’s included in the Starter plan

Here’s more detail on what’s included in the Starter plan.

Not only do you get out-of-the-box signals like job-change tracking, news, and hiring trends, you also get access to Prospector—a proprietary, constantly refreshed database of more than 200 million B2B contacts.

Choose from select signal integrations with key channels (such as LinkedIn, Slack, and GitHub) and business tools (including Salesforce, HubSpot, Outreach, and Apollo). All take just a few minutes to connect. Simply click, authenticate, and you’ve got signal.

Enjoy up to 35K contacts enriched via Person360, our AI-powered identity resolution and enrichment engine, which gives you the highest match rate on the market.

And count on 240K website tracking account IP enrichments per year. That’s enough to handle the scale of the vast majority of traffic for most early stage SaaS companies. And more IP enrichments are available for purchase for higher-volume sites.

You also have unlimited access to our AI and automation features. Create as many automated workflows as you like. Create as many real-time alerts as you like. Create as many custom audiences as you like. Create as many…you get the picture.

You get all of that and more for an accessible price of $625 per month ($7,500 per year).

We intentionally priced the Starter plan very competitively to make it available for any early stage company with a small GTM team.

For comparison, point solutions for website activity tracking, job-change signals, and contact enrichment cost roughly the same all on their own.

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How we’ve simplified pricing for all plans

Our new Starter plan is a no-brainer for smaller teams, but companies operating at a larger scale (and with larger GTM teams to match) need more.

That’s why we’re thrilled to share that we’ve drastically simplified pricing across all plans. Now pricing is based on only three dimensions:

  1. The number of contacts enriched via Common Room Person360
  2. The number of website IP enrichments
  3. The number of user seats you need

Here’s what we mean:

ContactsUp to 500Up to 35KUp to 100K200K included
Website visitor IP enrichments/yrUp to 5K240K included480K included960K included
SeatsUp to 2Up to 23 included10 included

Everything outside of contacts, website IP enrichments, and seats is either available on a higher plan tier or available for purchase as an add-on.

Need integrations with business tools on the Starter or Team plan? You can buy them.

Hitting a hard ceiling on the number of contacts you’re pulling into Common Room? You can move up a plan tier.

Looking for SAML or dedicated support? You’ll probably want to explore our Enterprise plan.

The point is, our new pricing strategy gives you more flexibility to go to market intelligently, whatever that looks like for you.

Every organization deserves the chance to tap into the power of customer intelligence.

On its own terms and in the way that best suits its business motion.

We’re here to help. Check out our pricing page for more info.

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