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Go beyond product-led sales

Make sense of signals across the entire path to purchase—from social activity to product usage and beyond—to help reps auto-detect high-intent leads, power sales plays with context, and hit revenue targets faster than ever.

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How it works

Combine identity and intent

Capture what users say across 30-plus digital channels and what they do in your product and elsewhere to build a 360-degree view of every buyer that's stack ranked by fit and interest.

High-intent users refreshed in real time

High-intent users refreshed in real time

Deanonymize and surface new, high-potential users from hard-to-capture signals like product usage, social interactions, community conversations, and open-source activity—all without cobbling together siloed data or requesting access from engineering.

Context that fuels conversion

Context that fuels conversion

Surface rich context at any stage of the funnel (from competitive listening to product activity), along with firmographic context from each user (like economic buyer or ideal persona) to make outbound efforts higher-converting.

Intent-based prospecting in one place

Intent-based prospecting in one place

Stop reps from wasting time jumping from one tab to the next to reach prospects. Empower your team to work faster with actionable workflows for Outreach sequences, Salesforce syncs, Slack pings, LinkedIn DMs, and more—all from a single command center.


What our customers have to say

"Common Room gives our go-to-market team members daily feeds of users showing intent across multiple channels—all in one place. Over 50% of our meetings come from Common Room."

  • Tim Hughes

    Tim Hughes

    VP of Sales

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"Common Room made the operationalization process easy and within a few days we were off to the races. Our sales team has realized real results with meetings booked."

  • Aisha Nins

    Aisha Nins

    GTM Program Manager

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"Common Room has made it easier for our SDRs and AEs to book more and better meetings. It’s our favorite sales tool here. One of our AEs called it 'my closest friend.'"

  • Tyler Hayden

    Tyler Hayden

    Director of Sales Development

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