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Community-Driven Product Building with Mark Tan

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9:00PM - 10:00PM UTC

September 14, 2021

About the event

Join us for a free educational series all about Community-Driven Product Development.

We're kicking off a free 6-week educational series with Mark Tan, Director of Product and Community at Wyze. Starting on Tuesday, Sept 14th, we'll discuss trends and takeaways when it comes to building products in tandem with your community. Over the 6 weeks, we'll be covering everything he's learned about community-driven product development, so you as a product manager (or other team leader!) can get as close to your end users as possible.

We can't wait to host you.

What happens next?

Each week following our live session, we'll release a new lesson on our YouTube channel on Tuesdays and will have a Slack Q&A at 1pm on Thursdays to discuss the material with Mark. Once you're registered, we'll send you an email with all the details.

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This event is for you

Discover your community and build product evangelists.


You have a prototype or product want to create a strong evangelist community.

You may be unsure how to find your first customers, engage with them, or spend your time effectively with them.

Product Leader

You're about to launch something new and want frictionless high-quality feedback on the product.

We’ll save you time and energy to launch successful products and have customer sign-ups from day one.

Community Manager

You know how to build community but aren't sure how to get support from your product, engineering, or leadership teams.

We’ll show you how you can use the voice of your community to rally support from stakeholders.