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Lightning talks: Experts in 8 minutes

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5:00PM - 5:45PM UTC

January 31, 2024

About the event

Toward the end of 2023, a number of community members shared their wish for more collaborative learning opportunities.

Inspired by their feedback and the work of experts across the Uncommon community, we're excited to host an Uncommon lightning talk event, featuring four experts across community, DevRel, and GTM. Join us to up your game in 8 minutes or less. Ideas and good vibes included.

Lightning talk experts:

  • Joel Primack: How to engage members for content creation
  • Samantha Venia Logan: Why virtual booths don't work (and what you can do instead)
  • Gareth Wilson: 3 of the most common tactics of successful communities
  • Mary Thengvall: End-to-end DevRel: Tips for how to get started & how to manage a team

The event is free and everyone interested in building stronger communities and GTM motions is welcome to join 🎉

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