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New integrations: Connect Reddit and Skilljar today
Sep 21st, 2022

New integrations: Connect Reddit and Skilljar today

At Common Room, we strive to provide you with high-quality, native integrations that allow you to better understand and engage with your community at all levels. Today, we’re happy to share our latest integrations, Reddit and Skilljar, with you.

The front page of the Internet

Reddit is one of the most visited sites in the world and has been one of our highly requested integrations. Conversations on Reddit are organized into communities called “subreddits,” where users share content and comment back and forth. The pseudo-anonymous nature of Reddit means that conversations on Reddit can often be much more frank and honest about the topics you care about. At the same time, these conversations can sometimes become so sprawling that they become difficult to keep track of.

When building our Reddit integration, our goal was to help you quickly understand the most relevant conversations and users while giving you actionable insights. To this end, there were two main scenarios we designed for:

  1. Dedicated subreddits focused on a topic specific to your community, like a subreddit dedicated to your company.
  2. More general subreddits that cover a much wider range of conversations but occasionally mention topics that you care about.

When you hook up your Reddit integration, you’ll be able to connect to the subreddits you care about and specify optional keywords to filter for. When specifying keywords, we’ll only pull in content that matters to you—posts that match the keyword, all replies to those matched posts, and individual comments that match the keyword.

Once Reddit is connected, you’ll be able to leverage all of the analytics and intelligence capabilities of Common Room to quickly identify the most influential Reddit users, the topics that are trending, conversations with strong sentiment you should act on, reporting on activities, and much more.

Venturing into education and training

Skilljar is a popular service that companies use to onboard, engage, and retain their customers at scale and is our first foray into the world of Learning Management Systems (LMS). We’ve found that as customers mature in their community journey, education becomes a key component of success.

By integrating with Skilljar, you’ll not only be able to better identify and manage community members for your champion programs, but gain visibility into the effectiveness of these programs against your business goals.

Integrating with Skilljar simply requires the use of an API key from your Skilljar admin account. Once that is set up, we’ll begin importing all of your course, lesson, and user information into Common Room. After the import is complete, you’ll be able to view and manage which community members are most engaged with your courses, which members may need a nudge to complete a course, and how course activity maps to your other key metrics.

Get started

Reddit is free for all users—sign in or sign up for free to get started today. Skilljar is reserved for customers on our paid plans; contact us to learn more. To get product help, send us feedback, or share insights with 1,000+ community leaders, join our Uncommon community Slack. We hope these tools help you on your community journey. Onward!