How Sourcegraph centralized cross-channel activity to power business growth

“Customer intelligence is at the heart of everything we do at Sourcegraph as we build Cody, our AI coding assistant for devs, so it’s critical for us to keep tabs on our customers’ experiences with Cody and gather feedback. I’m in Common Room every day of the week, staying up to date across channels and helping our DevRel, engineering, and product teams bring this customer-first orientation into every aspect of our business.”

  • Justin Dorfman

    Justin Dorfman

    Open Source Program Manager

Here’s how Sourcegraph used Common Room to:

Monitor user activity across channels

Sourcegraph pulls data from its Discord community directly into Common Room and combines it with signals from multiple other channels, including Discourse, GitHub, LinkedIn, Reddit, Slack, X (Twitter), and more.

This gives its community team a 360-degree view of activity across the organization’s digital ecosystem, allowing it to easily surface product issues, measure sentiment among ideal customers, and spotlight business-relevant topics.

Apply customer intelligence to product development

Relevant questions and conversations across channels act as a leading indicator of interest in Sourcegraph, especially its AI coding assistant, Cody. They’re also a valuable source of feedback for the company’s product team.

Team members can instantly highlight product complaints, bug reports, feature requests, and more using Common Room’s AI-powered auto-categories. They can also set up automated alerts to get notified in real time whenever people or organizations in the Sourcegraph ecosystem take certain actions.

Meanwhile, Common Room’s auto-summaries—cross-channel reports that use AI to surface and summarize key themes and activities relevant to Sourcegraph—are automatically delivered to the community team via email.

Scale personalized engagement with product users

Sourcegraph’s community team can scalably personalize engagement with current and future product users via AI-powered enrichment and automations.

Person360™—Common Room’s proprietary identity and enrichment engine—allows the team to automatically unify cross-channel activity into a single profile for every person and organization, along with key demographic and firmographic information.

At the same time, helpful automations—such as tagging, bulk messaging, and end-to-end workflows—make it easy to keep tabs on people and companies, quickly respond to common questions, and even onboard new community members at scale.

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