Integrating Slack with Common Room

Last updated Jul 2nd, 2024

Connect your Slack Community

Connect your Slack community to get full context on your Slack Contacts and stay on top of the activities and Organizations in your community. You can monitor messages, replies, and reactions in both public and private channels.


Workflows enable you to engage and manage your community automatically using the power of Common Room. These workflows can message your community Contacts from your own personal Slack account — empowering you to open direct conversations with Contacts at scale.

Connect your Internal Slack Workspace

By adding your internal Slack workspace, you can leverage team alerts and notifications to be alerted when a notable event happens in your community.

Team Alerts

Team alerts allow you to trigger a message to an internal Slack channel when activity occurs that you and your teams want to know about.


Notifications enable you and your teams to stay on top of what's happening with the Contacts, Organizations, and programs you're running in your community.

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