Reddit Integration Guide

Last updated Jun 28th, 2024


This article provides step-by-step instructions for how to integrate Reddit with Common Room, along with more details and FAQs about the integration.

Common Room’s Reddit integration allows you to see relevant posts based on the subreddits and keywords you care about most. Based on your configurations, Common Room will pull in all Reddit conversations relevant to your community and apply intelligent layers to help you categorize and understand which topics your community cares about.

Once Reddit is connected, you can use Common Room’s intelligent features to unlock powerful insights and scale your impact.


  1. Select Reddit from the list of signals.
  2. Connect Reddit: When you connect Reddit, Common Room will surface Activity and insights from posts and comments in the subreddits you care about.
  3. Add your Reddit account: Click Authenticate an account, and on the next screen allow Common Room access to your account.
  4. Specify up to 5 subreddits that you care about, along with any specific keywords you want to listen for in those subreddits. Make sure to enter any keywords you'd like to filter for in the subreddits you want to follow; leaving keywords blank will track all posts, comments, and users from the subreddit, so use with caution.
  5. Begin data import: Your data will begin importing and may take up to a few hours, we’ll email you when everything’s ready. In the meantime, you can take a peek into Common Room. The charts and functionality may be a little empty to start, but they will populate as your data flows in.


The Reddit integration with Common Room is available on Essentials, Team, and Enterprise plans.

Technical details

Contacts and Activity

Contacts are created from users who authored or commented under matching posts and comments.

For the Reddit integration, you'll be able to configure the subreddits you care about, along with any specific keywords you want to listen for in those subreddits. Omitting keywords will import all posts and comments from the subreddit into Common Room, so take care to only do this on subreddits where you really care about all the content.

Once you configure your Reddit integration, the following activities will be imported into Common Room:

  • For subreddits without any keywords specified:
    • All posts and comments
  • For subreddits with keywords specified:
    • Posts that match the keyword, along with all the comments in that post
    • Specific comments that match a keyword, along with all their child comments

Import History

Once you configure your Reddit integration, Common Room will import either 30 days' worth of posts and comments for the subreddits you've selected or the latest 1000 posts and their comments, whichever comes first.

Sync Frequency

After your data has been imported, Common Room will import new posts and comments approximately every 30 minutes and also do a daily refresh to keep older posts and comments up to date.

Subscriber Limits

  • If a subreddit has more than 10M subscribers, it is too large to be monitored in Common Room.
  • If a subreddit has more than 250k but less than 10M subscribers, you will be required to select one or more keywords to be monitored.


Can I use more than one Reddit account?

Yes, it's possible to authenticate more than one Reddit account. However, because you can import data about any subreddit or keyword within subreddits, it shouldn't be necessary.

Will Reddit content marked as NSFW be imported?

By default, your Common Room instance will import matching subreddits, posts, and comments even if they are marked by Reddit as NSFW. If you'd like to block the import of any Reddit content marked as NSFW, please contact us.

How many subreddits can I monitor?

You can monitor up to five subreddits.

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