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Apr 14th, 2022

Intro to Common Room and Best Practices with Webflow

Now that we're generally available, we wanted to host an introductory product webinar to help you learn how you can use Common Room to get closer to your community. If you missed it, don't worry— you can read on for the highlights or watch the full recording in the video above.

In this webinar, our team walks you through the basics of Common Room and key use cases for driving engagement and growing your community. We're then joined by special guest, Matthew Munger from Webflow, to learn how Webflow uses Common Room to power their community.

Product demo

Hedan Zeng, Director of Product Management at Common Room, kicks off this webinar with an inside look at our platform. In this hands-on demo, she covers three top use cases that you can do with Common Room:

  • 💬 Stay on top of major activities in your community
    Common Room's trending conversation module allows you to see the most active posts in your community in full context. Activities are automatically tagged using artificial intelligence so you can easily find product questions, bug reports, and more. With Common Room's extensive filters, you can easily search for and find the content most important to you, and even set team alerts to be notified when new activity happens that matches your desired criteria.

  • 💖 Build and nurture relationships with notable members
    From the members page, you can find candidates for a product champion program by using Common Room's filters to see who is the most active and engaged in your community. You can then add candidates to a segment, where you and your team can collaboratively work to nurture relationships and nominate members as champions.

  • 📈 Measure the overall health of your community
    Common Room's community responsiveness report allows you to understand and measure the health of your community. This report gives you insights into where your members interact with each other most and how often they reply to each other. The community responsiveness overview breaks down response rates and median response time by source to see your most engaged platforms.

Interview with Webflow

After the demo, Josh Grose, Head of Growth at Common Room, sits down with Matthew Munger, Sr. Product Expert at Webflow, to ask him about the Webflow community and learn why they chose Common Room.

"Being able to use Common Room to get these [holistic] views into the community is super empowering for myself and the team."

- Matthew Munger, Sr. Product Expert at Webflow

Read below for a snippet of Josh and Matthew's conversation.

Josh: Now that you have access to Common Room, what has it unlocked for you and Webflow in terms insights and informing strategy?

Matthew: It's knowing about, on a daily basis, where and how to engage with the community. Being able to go in and see what the trending conversations are, and then quickly get the context around the conversation that's happening, being able to see if there's already team members from Webflow in the conversation, if there are influencers in the conversation... Being able to get that at a glance really quickly and set that context helps for our daily engagement a lot.


We hope you enjoyed this webinar and look forward to hosting you at our next one. Until then, join us on Slack or get started with Common Room for free.