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Blog title card with title: "Introducing RoomieAI™: Generate more pipeline with generative AI"
Jun 13th, 2024

Introducing RoomieAI™: Generate more pipeline with generative AI


Machine learning and generative AI are infused into every part of the Common Room customer intelligence platform—and have been from the start (shoutout to our friends at OpenAI, from one beta customer to another).

We went GA on March 31, 2022. We published our first post about how AI powers our platform in September of that year.

AI is what allows our customers to detect if anonymous activities on different channels are connected to the same person. It’s what allows them to transform thousands of cross-channel conversations into straightforward, searchable categories and topics. And it’s what allows them to assign sentiment to those conversations so they can quickly differentiate between customer love and user frustration.

It’s also what allows our customers to deanonymize, merge, and enrich signals from every channel and sync them to a unified identity and account using our proprietary identity resolution and enrichment engine, Person360™.

In other words: Common Room is AI-native. It’s in our DNA.

That’s why RoomieAI™—our new suite of AI-powered tools tailor-made for go-to-market teams—isn’t so much a new product launch as it is an acceleration of what we’ve been building from the beginning.

We believe there’s never been a better time to work in GTM. We believe we’re entering a new golden age of AI-powered efficiency. And we believe we’re just scratching the surface of what’s possible.

With the release of RoomieAI, we’re on a mission to make you believe it, too.

More intelligence, less artificial

GenAI is rapidly evolving.

We’re excited because we’re uniquely positioned to help organizations get real value from this technology.

AI models are like sales reps—they have to be enabled. Quality in equals quality out.

If you train your model on the same datasets every company has access to—or over-index on only one or two data sources—you won’t break through the noisy inboxes of busy execs. You’ll only scale mediocre messaging that annoys the customers you’re trying to win over.

As more and more sales teams follow the same playbook, using GenAI to transform stale data points into intro messages will lose all efficacy.

Customer intelligence—that is, the full spectrum of signals and person-level details unique to your buyers and their companies—is the differentiator.

Image of RoomieAI suite

It’s how Pulumi generates 27% of meetings booked. It’s how Notion generates 30% more meetings per rep per month. And it’s how Temporal generates more than 50% of all meetings.

Customer intelligence is how you drive better business outcomes. It’s also how you deliver better AI outputs.

But we’ve learned something else from our customers: Business maturity dictates AI needs.

Take our early-stage customers. They generally have lean teams and nascent sales motions. In essence, they’re starting from scratch. These companies are hungry for tools that will help them automate GTM from end to end and drop ready-to-buy leads right at their doorsteps.

Then there are our mid-market customers. They have the necessary headcount and sales frameworks in place, but they need a boost to move upmarket. These companies are asking for tools that will help them scale smarter, whether it’s speeding up deep dives into target accounts or personalizing generic outbound sequences.

Finally there are our enterprise customers. They have massive teams and the tech stacks to match. Uncovering insights isn’t their No. 1 problem—deciding which ones to pay attention to is. They’re looking for tools that will help them take the next best step in any situation—quickly and consistently.

AI isn’t one size fits all.

That’s why we built an AI-powered customer intelligence platform that fits every size.

Copilots, with an ‘s’

Up until now, our AI has worked mostly behind the scenes via ML-powered algorithms.

RoomieAI is different. It’s an AI agent that you control. And it’s designed to solve your most pressing problems like magic.

Here’s what’s available in Common Room starting today—and what’s coming very soon.

Available now: Ask RoomieAI

Save time and stop jumping from tab to tab. RoomieAI surfaces all the insights you need about your target accounts in one place—no context switching necessary.

Image of Ask RoomieAI

It’s one of the most common complaints we hear from our customers: reps losing time tabbing between company websites, G2, news articles, and more just to find relevant account info.

Now they don’t have to.

You can ask RoomieAI any org-level question about a target account and it’ll serve up your answer directly in Common Room—right alongside a 360-degree view of the org and the people who work there.

Craft your own query or get started with pre-built prompts related to products, current customers, top competitors, user sentiment, and more.

Say one of your target accounts just released its latest 10-K. You can have RoomieAI summarize the top three takeaways so you can stop reading the fine print and start crafting the right message.

📣 What our customers are saying

“Common Room has become a regular part of my daily cadence, signaling where I should focus my time. It's on the other screen as I type this. It’s consolidated the systems I go to for account information from 4-5 to one central hub.”

—Enterprise Account Executive

This is just the start.

Soon you’ll be able to automate research at scale leveraging every insight captured in Common Room, not just the public web, and use this intel to instantly create bespoke burndown lists for contacts and organizations.

Coming soon: RoomieAI message snippets

Never start with a blank screen again. RoomieAI automatically transforms buyer actions and attributes into outbound messaging—minus the robot-sounding text (get in touch to request early access).

Image of RoomieAI message snippets

Another pain point we hear from our customers: reps spending too much time agonizing over email copy.

Common Room won’t just surface the person- and account-level insights you need—it’ll parse through the details to help you nail your outreach.

Now in private beta, RoomieAI lets you instantly create LLM-generated outbound snippets based on all the buyer behaviors and characteristics captured in Common Room. Then it lets you add them to your sequencer tool.

Outbounding orgs that are launching AI initiatives? Let RoomieAI synthesize AI-focused job listings, news stories, and any other insights from the internet related to a target account, combine them with all available behavioral and firmographic data related to contacts at the company, and craft customized messaging for each and every one—automatically.

📣 What our customers are saying

“Common Room has unlocked the ability to get very specific with who we reach out to with which message. Previously it was "all admins," but now we can get more granular, like "all admins who are in the marketing department and have used our product more than 15 times in the past 30 days."

—Digital Customer Success Program Manager

Stay tuned. There's lots more outbound automation on our roadmap.

Intelligence from signal to send

We’re excited to bring RoomieAI to market. But we’re even more excited about how these new GenAI features build on our existing ML capabilities.

Imagine you’re an SDR. You work at a B2B SaaS company (one that sells AI-powered software, naturally). It’s your job to build quality pipeline through a mixture of inbound and outbound. Quotas are high and time is short.

Here’s how our AI-powered customer intelligence platform can help.

Digital signal capture

While you’re away from your keyboard, Common Room captures signals across every connected data source (think product usage, website activity, CRM records, and dark-funnel engagements) and combines them with signals that come right out of the box (think job changes, news events, and hiring trends).

Our AI automatically transforms these unstructured data points into human-readable insights you can use to identify in-market accounts.

Soon you’ll be able to pull any signal you find on the open internet—including any public LinkedIn post engagement—into Common Room and enrich it using AI, but that’s an announcement for another day.

Image of signal capture

Unified identity and account intelligence

Before you’ve even logged on, our AI-powered Person360 feature deanonymizes, merges, and enriches signals from every channel into unified profiles for every contact and organization.

Contact details, tech stack configurations, job histories, annual revenue, cross-channel activities—every signal, and the people and accounts behind them, are at your fingertips.

Image of Person360

You can slice and dice this data with user-friendly filters and tags to hone in on economic buyers, product-qualified leads, and socially engaged prospects. Or you can tell Common Room to do it for you.

Auto-replenishing buyer segments will automatically populate based on your preset criteria.

Image of segments

Same goes for the real-time alerts that tell you whenever there's a new contact or org you should pay attention to.

Image of team alerts

Surfacing, researching, and prioritizing leads just became a breeze.

Eager to make sure your message hits the mark? Ask RoomieAI to fill you in on a person’s company: big-name logos, primary competitors, new product launches—anything you need to get a handle on your prospect.

Image of Ask RoomieAI

See an org you’re interested in but no economic buyer? Our AI will hunt through a proprietary database of more than 200 million B2B contacts to spotlight director-level and above employees you can add as contacts with the click of a button.

Image of Prospector

Want to make sure you’re not chasing feel-good pipeline? Our signal-based lead and account scoring will use AI to tell you if a person’s the right fit and explain why based on your custom scoring criteria.

Image of lead and account scoring

Actions and automation

When you’re ready to get in touch, let RoomieAI generate a personalized snippet in your outbound sequencer tool using LLM-powered copy suggestions (after all, you’ve got access to a massive range of signals to help you break through the noise).

Image of RoomieAI message snippets

Then send off your message to the contact in question—all without once switching screens.

Next turn that message into a bespoke outbound sequence and add any contact who matches your set criteria to it via fully automated workflow, complete with customized messaging.

Image of workflows

It’s not even noon and you're generating pipe on autopilot.

AI is changing the GTM landscape, but what mattered yesterday still matters today: right person, right message, right time.

It is and always has been a data problem. The ability to capture it, make sense of it, and action on it—quickly and at scale.

AI can help. But the outputs are only as good as the inputs.

We’ve solved the hard part by democratizing customer intelligence for every GTM team. Now we’re ready to focus on what comes next.

This first iteration of RoomieAI is only the beginning. We’ll continue to ship fast.

Because we see a world where every person powering your revenue engine feels like they have a second brain, four hands, and faster instincts. Where customer-facing teams can automate away the tedious parts of GTM and focus on what really matters.

No more manually researching accounts. No more hunting for context clues. And no more struggling to craft personalized, relevant messaging.

Just the chance to nail the meaningful, human-in-the-loop work no computer program can replicate.

The future of GTM is here now—and it’s bright.

Unlock AI-powered customer intelligence with Common Room

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