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Today's fastest-growing companies choose Common Room


Common Room empowers us to take action in a very direct way that clearly ladders up to the success of our business and, most importantly, the success of Asana’s customers.

  • Joshua Zerkel

    Joshua Zerkel

    Head of Global Engagement Marketing


Not only has Common Room helped us better understand what topics and products matter most to our global community of users; it has unlocked important insights into the community-led model that powers our product and growth.

  • Claire Butler

    Claire Butler

    Director of Community Marketing

Grafana Labs

Common Room enables us at Grafana Labs to quickly identify new champions, surface user feedback, and get a sense of which organizations are the most engaged so we can better serve them during the course of their observability journeys.

  • Douglas Hanna

    Douglas Hanna


Atlassian Community

Common Room provides the necessary infrastructure for teams across Atlassian to scale their customer engagement efforts in a coordinated and customer-centric fashion.

  • Stephanie Grice

    Stephanie Grice

    Head of Global Community & Customer Advocacy

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