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Getting started

Just because an economic buyer isn’t active in your product doesn’t mean they’re out of reach.

Budget holders send out buying signals across multiple channels. The trick is connecting the dots between the power users in your product and the people outside of it 🪄

In this playbook, we’ll show you how to hone in on high-usage accounts and surface signals that will help you kick off a conversation with economic buyers.

What you’ll need:

Common Room

This is how we’ll surface activity in our product and digital ecosystem. Sign up for free to follow along.

Data warehouse

We’ll use Snowflake in this example. Check out our integration docs for step-by-step directions on how to connect Snowflake to Common Room and explore other business data source options.

Digital channels

We’ll use LinkedIn, X(Twitter), and Slack in this example. Check out our integrations docs for step-by-step directions on how to connect any channel to Common Room.

Step 1: Tag economic buyers who are inactive in your product

Let’s say we want to highlight economic buyers who are engaging with us across digital channels but aren’t hands-on in our product.

We’d log in to Common Room, go to Settings (the little ⚙️ icon at the bottom of the left sidebar), and click on Tags.

Select Tags

Common Room’s tags feature allows you to automatically label individuals and organizations with specific tags based on customizable criteria. This makes it easy to quickly filter for economic buyers, ideal personas, product-qualified leads, and more.

Next we’d hit New tag and select Create new tag for contacts. We’ll call this tag “Friendly economic buyers.”

Select Create new tag for contacts

Once we’ve created our tag, we’d click Back to app and go to Workflows to automatically assign it to anyone who meets our criteria.

Select Workflows

Common Room’s workflows feature allows you to create and customize automations based on specific demographic, firmographic, and activity details. This makes it easy to quickly track, organize, and engage people and accounts at scale.

We’d click New workflow and choose Tag a contact.

Select Tag a contact

In this case, let’s say a friendly economic buyer is anyone who meets our criteria for an economic buyer, has been active across our connected channels (such as LinkedIn, X, and Slack) over the past 365 days, and has zero total active hours in our product.

Configure workflow

Common Room’s filters feature allows you to highlight individuals and organizations based on any combination of factors. This makes it easy to surface specific people and companies based on firmographic details, cross-channel activities, product usage, and more.

We’d click Save and boom—now any individual who matches our criteria for a friendly economic buyer will automatically be tagged 🙌

Step 2: Surface power accounts with inactive economic buyers

Now let’s get a look at high-usage product accounts where we have friendly economic buyers.

We’ll head to Segments in the left sidebar.

Select Segments

Common Room’s segments feature allows you to automatically add individuals or organizations to dedicated lists based on customizable criteria. This makes it easy to quickly surface, monitor, and engage specific people and companies at scale.

We’ll hit New segment and select Create new segment for organizations.

Select Create new segment for organizations

The process is very similar to creating a workflow.

First we’ll add a filter for any account with 90 or more hours of activity over the past 28 days. We’ll say these are our power accounts.

Then we’ll add a filter for individuals who match our “Friendly economic buyer” tag.

Select tag

And there we have it—a list of every org that fits our criteria for a power account and also has a friendly economic buyer present 🕵️

Step 3: Explore economic buyer activity

We know what’s going on inside our product. Let’s see what economic buyers are doing outside of it.

We can click into any organization in our segment, scroll down to the list of contacts, and quickly filter for individuals who match our “Friendly economic buyer” tag.

View contacts

With the click of a button, we can visit these individuals’ Person360™ profiles to get a look at their recent activities, including where they’ve engaged with us, when, and why 👀

View Person360 profile preview

Common Room’s Person360 feature allows you to deanonymize, merge, and enrich signals from every channel connected to Common Room. This makes it easy to reveal the identity, intent, and context of every buyer and customer.

Now that we know what our economic buyers have been up to across our digital ecosystem, let’s get in touch.

Step 4: Prospect friendly economic buyers

We can contact our economic buyers directly from their profile pages—no context switching required 💪

Whether we want to discuss upgrading plans, adding more seats, or some other use case, we’d simply select from the list of options at the top of the page to add them to a personalized outbound sequence.

Select Add to sequence

With visibility into both product usage and non-product engagement, we can tailor our message accordingly.

Depending on what we’re trying to achieve, our message might look something like this:

Outbound template based on high product usage and non-product engagement

Hi [first name],

I saw your comment on [channel] about [topic].

I know [company name]’s [department name] team is already getting a lot of value from [product name]. It looks like they’re big fans of our [highly used feature].

If you’re curious about how to get even more value out of [product name], I’d be happy to walk you through some options.

I recently helped [name of current customer in the same industry] [ROI statistic] by unlocking more [seats/API calls/features and functionalities].

In the meantime, I put together some resources you may find helpful [attach materials to bottom of message].

Let me know.

[Your name]

Wrapping up

And that’s us all set.

Now you can quickly zero in on friendly economic buyers who aren’t active in your product and inform your outbound with cross-channel insights—no jumping from tab to tab necessary 🥳

Want to see a playbook on a different topic? Get in touch. And if you haven’t already, try Common Room for free.

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