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Top 5 soft skills needed for a community manager and why they matter

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As a community manager, you often have to flex a lot of different muscles. You interact with a diverse set of personalities and opinions and have to be ready for the unexpected when it comes to what'll happen in your community on any given day.

To help community managers be more productive in their roles, Jacob Gross compiled a list of the top 5 soft skills they should build:

  1. Empathy. As a community manager, you're interacting with people every day in different roles and from different brackgrounds. Share a lived experience or feeling to help build trust and foster understanding.
  2. Communication. Convey your points appropriately, clearly, and with intent—it's not only what you say, but how you say it that makes an impact too.
  3. Problem solving. Given the user-facing nature of the role, you'll likely be notified about an array of problems, complaints, feedback, etc. Learn to be solution-focused and take the problems in stride.
  4. Creativity. There is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to running successful communities. Experiment and take inspiration from other communities as you define your own community strategy.
  5. Flexibility. Sometimes things don't go as planned (e.g., AV breaks down during an event) or emergencies pop up (e.g., your product is unexpectedly down), and you need to be able to learn from what happened, adapt, and keep moving forward.

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