Last updated Jul 18th, 2024


With Prospector, you can easily pull in the profiles and contact details of any non-engaged ideal personas for target accounts, including decision-makers and economic buyers who may be inactive in your product or community and not tracked in your CRM.


To use Prospector, go to the profile of an Organization where you would like to find new Contacts. On every Org record, you will see a callout at the top of the page alerting you that Prospector can help you find new Contacts that you currently do not know about.

How to Use Prospector

  1. To source and engage with these new Contacts, go to the bottom of the page and click on the Prospector tab.
  2. In the Prospector tab you will see a list of potential new Contacts that have been filtered down based on Job Title, Role, Seniority, Job Change Date, and LinkedIn follower count settings defined by your admin in Common Room's settings. All of the people you are seeing meet the aforementioned criteria. If you would like to expand or narrow the prospects that you see, use filters on the Prospector tab to further refine your search.
  3. People shown on the Prospector tab are not formally part of your room until you take action on them or select to add them to your room. Any action you take, such as adding to a segment or through an Outreach sequence, will automatically turn the person you are viewing in Prospector into a full Contact of your room, at which time they will go through the standard Common Room enrichment process and be added the list of Prospects added as contacts.
  4. Once Contacts are added to your room, we will create a new signal, Prospector, and add all Contacts under that source. Sources can be used as quick filtering criteria when navigating through Contacts and Orgs.

As part of a workflow:

If you would rather add Contacts to your room using Prospector in bulk via automation, you can use a Workflow.

  1. Create a new workflow from scratch
  2. Select a trigger that is focused on organizations (e.g. New organization joins your room)
  3. Add a step to your workflow and select Add contacts to an organization via Prospector
  4. Use the filters to define which types of contacts you would like to be added (e.g. job title, location, etc.)
  5. Select the max number of contacts that the workflow will add to a given organization.

Once you have completed those steps the workflow will run on its daily cadence and prospects will be added to your room in an automated fashion.

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