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Engaging Your Audience: Top 10 Tactics

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There's a myriad of ways to engage your community members, but which should you prioritize? Here are 10 tactics to consider, straight from Community Leaders Institute:

  1. Onboarding – Create a nurture stream of 4-5 emails, rather than try to tell members everything at once.
  2. Content plan and schedule – Maintain a consistent cadence and map time-sensitive content in advance.
  3. Gamification features – Reward engaged behavior.
  4. Tailored member experience – Create subgroups within the community.
  5. Careful use of email communications – Be thoughtful with frequency so communications remain powerful and desirable.
  6. Multiple reminder formats – Help increase visibility, but don't bombard from every channel.
  7. Social media sharing – Allow users to share your content with simple buttons for channels like Twitter and Facebook.
  8. Expectation management – Don't worry if regular contributors are small in number. Just because members are silent, doesn't mean they aren't getting value.
  9. Re-engagement plans – Find ways to gently encourage members to participate. Look at data on inactive members as well as members who are reading but not posting.
  10. Sense of community – Set a tone that reflects your intentions, ensuring a warm and friendly community.

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