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The Unsexy Reality of Launch Planning

Nov 12th, 2021
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    Community Author


If you've ever launched a community, you're likely already aware of the all-powerful Community Launch Guide, created and generously shared by Brian Oblinger, Erica Kuhl, and Jake McKee.

The full 50 pages covers everything from project phases to timelines, people, and processes. But in a recent episode of In Before the Lock, Brian and Erica focus specifically on the bit just before, during, and after the launch itself.

It's the piece around how you're going to launch, when you want to launch, who needs to be involved, and what exactly you need to do to "go live". It comes down to general readiness — knowing you're ready and having total confidence as you push that button.

Hear the full discussion on Episode 40 of In Before the Lock, "The Unsexy Reality of Launch Planning".